Tech Tools: Code-A-Pillar – a toy that teaches coding to children

As children grow older, Fisher Price’s toy’s challenges become more difficult

Code-A-Pillar: Code-teaching toy due out in June

Code-A-Pillar: Code-teaching toy due out in June


When experts advised we have to start children coding at an earlier age, Fisher Price took them seriously. Really seriously.

The Code-A-Pillar is a toy for toddlers that will teach them – eventually – how to code. Due for launch in June, the toy is, as the name suggests, a bit like a caterpillar.

It splits into separate parts, each with their own function. Connecting them in a different order will get the caterpillar to perform in different ways.

And as they get older, the challenges become even more difficult so the toy grows with your child. A series of add-on pieces will also be available, bringing new functions to the toy.