Tech Tools: Airthings Wave Mini

Air quality monitor can detect potential mould growing in your rooms

Airthings Wave Mini: €79

Product name: Airthings Wave Mini

Price: €79.0

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Thu, Nov 12, 2020, 05:06


Since we are all spending a good deal more time in our homes, it makes sense that we want them to be as comfortable as possible. Light, heat, a decent sofa are all on the list, but what about the air you breathe?

If the current pandemic has taught us anything it’s that fresh, clean air is important to our wellbeing. But how do we know if there is a problem lurking in our homes? Airthings has a range of air quality monitors that will quietly work away in the background, monitoring everything from volatile organic compounds polluting your air to radon, in the case of the Airthings Wave Plus.

The Wave Mini is, as the name suggests, quite a bit smaller than its stablemates, but it comes with all the usual monitors for air quality, but with one more useful function built in: the ability to detect potential mould growing in your rooms.

If your rooms are too humid and damp, the Wave Mini can provide an early warning so you can get it sorted before it becomes a serious problem.