Plastc aims to be your new flexible friend

Smartcard takes aim at your wallet


How many cards do you carry around in your wallet? Enough to justify spending $155 on a new type of smart card that could replace them all? If so, Plastc is worth checking out. The device allows you to store up to 20 cards on it, from credit and debit cards to gift cards and swipe passes. With chip and pin capabilities, plus NFC for contactless payments, it could mean an end to having to carry a wallet.

The device has an e-ink display, which changes according to the card you select. It teams with an app on your smartphone, which will let you know when you’ve walked away from your card and also allow you to manage your cards. An added security feature allows you to pin-protect the card, and also remote wipe the card if you lose it.

The catch: it’s not available until next summer, while the chip and pin functions will come as an update after launch. Plus you’ll have to charge it every 30 days to keep using it.