PayPal to cut over 300 jobs from its Irish operations

Company says decision not due to any specific economic conditions

PayPal is proposing to cut a total of 307 jobs from its Irish operations in Dundalk and Dublin, the company said. Staff were told on Tuesday morning of the changes, which a company spokesperson said were not due to any specific economic conditions.

“We are proposing to remove a selection of roles in Dundalk and Dublin, subject to consultation with employees and we notified employees in the affected teams of the consultation earlier today,” the spokesperson said.

“We are looking at how do we make changes that may be necessary to shape the business for the future, for our next wave of growth, so making sure we have got the scale, we can scale to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

“There is no one single aspect I can point to. It is not a particular response to an economic condition. We are looking at the business as a whole,” the spokesperson added.


Staff in Dundalk and Dublin were informed, some during a Microsoft Teams call, of what was proposed. Up to 172 of the roles affected are in Dundalk, with the rest in Dublin. It is understood that some work is being relocated, possibly to Asia, while other positions are being axed.

“We are just going to start the consultation process with our employees. It would not really be right for me to go into details of what the changes might be in detail, ” the spokesperson said. “We remain committed to Dundalk and Dublin and Ireland as a whole. This does not change our absolute commitment to Ireland and Dundalk and Dublin.

“We are committed to ensure that anyone who leaves under the proposed changes is treated fairly and generously , that is really important thing for us.”

After the changes are implemented there will still be more than 2,000 people working for the company in Ireland spread between both locations.

A number of local TDs said they were in contact with Jan Egar, PayPal’s head of government relations for UK & Ireland.

Reacting to the news Louth Sinn Féin deputy Ruairí Ó Murchú said the job losses would “have a huge impact on the families. It is also going to be very worrying for anybody working in PayPal at this time no matter what promises are made.

“Now is not the time that anybody would like to be losing a job. We have seen the cost of everything, whether fuel, shopping, rental situation and the cost of housing.”

Louth independent deputy Peter Fitzpatrick said: "This is very disappointing for Dundalk and staff who have shown great commitment and loyalty to PayPal. I am awaiting more information and I will do my best to reverse this decision and make sure that workers are treated fairly."