Lawsuit in Trane at Cubic

A low-key dispute in an industry designed to help people talk?

There is a bit of a row brewing over at Cubic Telecom, high-profile investor Barry Napier's mobile technology company, backed by Audi and Qualcomm.

The company has lost its chief technical officer, Patrick Trane, after a disagreement with senior management, including Napier.

Trane, who merged Bantry Technologies with Trusted Logic before the crash, is now taking legal action against Cubic and is seeking an injunction in the High Court in connection with the dispute that led to his exit.

Affidavits for the case are flying around like paper airplanes in a hipster office. The dispute has popped up for mention a few times in the High Court, but so far, there has been no full hearing.


Cubic, which last year held an €18 million fund-raising that brought on board its multinational investors, would probably rather the row was kept low key.

Not much chance of that in telecommunications, a sector designed to help people talk.