Junior Jams headphones are ideal for children’s ears

Tech Tools: Puro Soundlabs have produced robust cans with noise-limitation for kids

Puro SoundLabs Junior Jams headphones
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Price: €54
Where To Buy: www.purosound.com

Puro Soundlabs Junior Jams headphones (€54)

Headphones for children need to be many things, but the two most important are durable and noise-limited. As an adult, I have a box of headphones that have been dropped one too many times, or came out the worst from a stint in an overpacked bag. Children – or at least mine, anyway, are not known for their soft touch with electronics. So it was somewhat of a relief to find out that Puro Labs’ Junior Jams lasted more than 15 minutes. And when something did go wrong – an ear cup was mysterious detached – it was easy to fix without any lasting damage. It simply clipped back on.

Noise-limiting is also essential, to help prevent any damage to young ears. The Junior Jams are limited to 85dB, and have decent noise isolating ear cups – the same ones that were unceremoniously ripped off, yes – so most external noise is cut out.

Bluetooth option

The headphones have bluetooth, so you have a choice between wired and wireless connection.That can come in handy if you are travelling – back when we did that sort of thing, at least – and you don’t want your child to get caught up with wires. Inevitably, it meant a tablet would end up on the floor and the child using it wound up tangled in cables.


They charge over micro USB, with 22 hours of listening time from a full charge.

When it comes to sound, the Junior Jams work well. They won’t challenge the sound quality of your expensive noise-cancelling headphones, but they will work fine for kids’ TV shows, games and music.

Plus if you have one tablet or music player and two children, you can link up two sets of Junior Jams to allow children to share one source of entertainment between them. The cable is included in the box, so you don’t have to buy any extra splitters.


Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien is an Irish Times business and technology journalist