‘Hygrometer’ alerts you to muggy weather

Web Log: It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity that gets you - as this app will tell you


The Irish love to talk about the weather and we really enjoy complaining when it gets too hot. But would you blame us? If we’re not roasted alive we’re drowned in sweat from the muggy nights. God love us. Look, I think we can handle a little bit of sun, it’s the humidity that kills. So I’ve added another app to all the usual weather ones in my arsenal.

Hygrometer is a simple app that lets you know what percentage humidity is in the air. This is displayed on a simple meter than ranges from ‘dry’ to ‘comfort zone’ and ‘wet’. If the meter swings into ‘wet’ (gross), then wear cotton, open the windows, switch on the fan (or air con if you’re super fancy), and let your colleagues know every five minutes exactly how muggy it is e.g. ‘89 per cent, lads? Tell the boss I’m working (drinking beer) from my ice-filled bathtub’.