Computer recycling firm increases money return to clients by 25%

AMI refurnishes and resells laptops, PCs, USB sticks, hard drives and smartphones

AMI offers a secure way for organisations to securely dispose of unwanted IT equipment.

AMI offers a secure way for organisations to securely dispose of unwanted IT equipment.


IT recycling company AMI has increased the amount of money it returned to clients through recycling and reselling IT equipment by 25 per cent in 2018, raising a total of €2.5 million.

The number of laptops and PCs recycled, refurnished and resold by the company rose by 270 per cent during the year, reaching 85,000. In total, the company processed almost half a million items in 2018, with 435,000 items ranging from laptops and PCs to USB sticks, hard drives, smartphones, and tablets coming through its system. That was a 17 per cent rise on 2017.

The company, which counts data centres, banks, blue-chip corporations and Government departments among its clients, offers a secure way for organisations to securely dispose of unwanted IT equipment, refurbishing the equipment and reselling it through its RefreshedByUs retail unit.

€3.5m investment

“Nine out of 10 of our customers don’t pay AMI a fee for the secure processing of their old and unwanted IT equipment, as the revenue we return to them from the refurbished and resold equipment covers the cost of our services,” said Philip McMichael, managing director, AMI.

The IT recycling company announced a €3.5 million investment earlier this year, expanding its workforce as it grows its operations in Belfast and Dublin over the next two years.

“The reputational risks that are associated with incorrectly disposing of end-of-life equipment are colossal, which is why companies need to be security-conscious,” Mr McMichael said.

Zero landfill

“Companies of every size are starting to realise that there is more to secure IT disposal than meeting regulatory requirements and we are here to help them unlock the hidden value in their old IT equipment. For items that require disposal, we achieved a zero-landfill result in 2018, so businesses can rest assured in the fact that 100 per cent of disposals were handled in an environmentally responsible way.”

In March, AMI signed a three-year deal with Camara Education that will see the company collect, process and refurbish equipment for the educational organisation. Camara recycles old technology to contribute to the education of disadvantaged students around the world; AMI is refurbishing the equipment for schoolchildren in Ireland and Africa, and recycling or reselling any equipment that is not suitable for use in education.