Christmas tech: Apps to help you survive the last of the festivities

Meditation, exercise and organisation for the days ahead

We're in that weird in between time of year when it's not quite Christmas but not quite New Year. So now is the time to clear your head and get organised.


We could all do with a bit of time out after several days of family celebrations. Headspace is geared towards meditation, teaching you how to breathe, meditate and live mindfully.

There’s a 10-day introductory course that is free of charge, and after that you have to buy a subscription, plus you’ll get access to sleep sounds, bedtime exercises and a library of courses.


Everyone needs to blow the cobwebs away after the Christmas period. And what better way than with a programme you can do in the comfort of your own home? Fiit offers workouts that cover cardio, strength training, yoga and pilates, with classes for everyone from beginners to advanced fitness levels. There is a free option for IOS users with limited access to classes, and the subscription version is open to Android users too. That subscription includes access to live classes, where you can join in at a certain time and pit yourself against other participants in a live leaderboard, using either Fiit’s rebranded Wahoo Tickr X tracker or your Apple Watch to track your stats.



Readly is like having a library of magazines at your fingertips. The app brings together digital versions of popular magazines such as Hello, Time Magazine, Newsweek and others, combining general interest titles and hobby magazines under a single subscription. It costs €10 per month, which is cheaper than buying them all individually, and you can access back issues too.


That period between Christmas and New Year was made to power through lists. Lists of things you need to get done around the home. Lists of things you plan to do with your life. Lists of things you need or don’t need any longer. Any.Do will allow you to easily create a list of things that you need to accomplish throughout your day and give you timely reminders. You simply click the + symbol, and choose from the list of available actions - Pay, Make, Send, Clean, Buy, Meet, Email, Call and so on - and create your task. If it’s a call or email, you can give access to your contacts so you can add the right person to the task. You can also add your calendar into the app to keep everything in one place, and share tasks with friends or family.

It’s mostly free, but if you want to set up things like recurring tasks or unlimited collaboration and attachments, or location based reminders, you’ll need to shell out for a subscription.