Ryanair weighs up licensing move


Ryanair has confirmed that it has held talks with a number of other EU aviation authorities in relation to transferring its aviation licence certificate.

But the low-cost airline said such a move was being considered "solely with a view to lowering the high aircraft licensing costs here in Ireland" and would have no effect on its Irish workforce.

"Any such initiative, if implemented, would have no impact whatsoever on either our aircraft or our highly paid employees who are based here in Ireland," Ryanair said.

It dismissed speculation over the weekend that such a move could reduce the ability of the company's Irish pilots and cabin crew to claim the protection of Irish employment law, saying there was no truth in such claims.

Meanwhile, the airline is understood to be considering charging passengers for checking in luggage.

If the airline's new web-based check-in system, which is due to be launched on three routes in the New Year, proves successful, it will look at charging travellers with luggage that needs to be put in the hold.

Trials of the web-based check-in system, aimed at cutting costs by reducing the number of check-in desks needed, are expected to begin in late January or early February on three of the airline's routes.

These include the Dublin-Cork route, an Irish-UK route and one European route.