Inside Business podcast: the unfolding story of an alleged data breach from INM

Media intrigue, trade wars and Exchequer returns discussed on this week’s show

On this week's Inside Business podcast, Colm Keena talks to host Cliff Taylor about the alleged data breach at Independent News & Media (INM)

And in light of the unfolding drama at INM, data expert Daragh O'Brien explains what employers can and can't do with your emails and internet browing history.

Also on the podcast: Is the threat of a global trade war real, or just sabre-rattling? Economist Megan Greene is hopeful a crippling escalation can be averted as the US and China exchange lists of items that could be subjected to tariffs.

And Eoin Burke-Kennedy explains what the latest Exchequer returns say about the health of the Irish economy.


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Declan Conlon

Declan Conlon

Declan Conlon is head of audio at The Irish Times