Is Ireland ready for a ‘gilets jaunes’ movement of its own?

Lower tax burden means Irish ‘veist buí’ movement is less likely

December 11th, 2018: Shuttered shops, burning cars and tear gas. The New York Times were on the ground in Paris with the “Yellow Vests” protesters as they took to the streets for the fourth week in a row. Video: NYT

On Friday morning last, there was a queue outside the Apple store on the Champs Élysées in Paris, as eager Christmas shoppers sought out their watches and iPads.The following morning the shop, like the rest of the city’s main thoroughfare, was closed and boarded up as shoppers gave way to riot police, and the infamous “gilets jaunes” took to the street once more.

The reasons for the protests are myriad; some lay the blame at the feet of corporations such as Apple and the drive towards globalisation; others pinpoint it to the decline of rural communities, a decrease in purchasing power and, more specifically, an increase in the cost of diesel.

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