Amber offers free consulting services to solve Covid-19 problems

SFI research centre offering expertise on PPE, infection control and more

Research centre Amber is offering free consulting services to companies and medical institutions looking to address challenges presented by Covid-19.

The Science Foundation Ireland research centre is partnering with Trinity's Consult support service to offer rapid response support and expertise to organisations addressing challenges on surfaces, diagnostics, manufacturing, PPE, infection control and materials for medical devices.

Amber will provide companies with a report to address their challenges that will include advice from its experts, along with best available research and literature reviews.

Once a contract has been agreed and signed, interested organisations are matched with expert scientists who will complete a report within 10 days.


‘A new normal’

"Across the world we are adjusting to a new normal and particularly challenging circumstances for industry. At Amber we have now put measures in place to support industry through an open access, free consultancy mechanism," said Professor Michael Morris, director of the Amber Research Centre. "We have some of the best scientific minds in Ireland that can provide industry with cutting-edge scientific advice to support them in addressing challenges related to Covid-19." We are delighted to collaborate with CONSULT Trinity at Trinity Research and Innovation who are central in supporting this programme."

Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien is an Irish Times business and technology journalist