Inform Bioscience to licence breakthrough technology from Mayo Clinic

Irish biotech start-up Inform Bioscience is to sign a licence agreement tomorrow with the world-renowned Mayo Clinic to acquire a portfolio of biomarkers for use in developing a test to detect pre-eclampsia in pregnancy.

The Biomedical Diagnostics Institute at Dublin City University will then look to validate the biomarker technology and develop a test to provide a strong base from which Inform Bioscience will build its commercialisation plan. it plans to develop a simple test, employing the biomarker technology, which has the potential revolutionise prenatal care programmes globally.

"Inform Bioscience is bridging the gap between the discovery of quality technology and its commercialisation," Inform Bioscience chief executive Charles Garvey said.

The Mayo Clinic and Enterprise Ireland recently formalised a collaboration which will see the commercialisation of up to 20 medical technologies in Ireland over the next five years, creating high-value medical technology spin-out companies. The licensing of technology by Inform Bio is in addition to this agreement.


A number of senior executives from the Mayo Clinic are travelling to Dublin tomorrow to sign the agreement.

Inform Bioscience is a subsidiary of Metabolomic Diagnostics, which is involved in the development of a technology to provide early pregnancy risk testing for pre-eclampsia.