Firm wins €2m flood bags deal


ROSCOMMON-BASED Global Flood Solutions has won a €2 million contract with SG Baker, Britain’s biggest supplier of industrial and agricultural packaging.

Global Flood Solutions has developed its own “Big Bag” flood defence system, which is a concertina-shaped series of water repellent polypropylene bags that can be deployed quickly and easily.

In a few hours 1,000 metres could be put up and removed when it is no longer needed, with minimum labour.

The company said yesterday that it would supply the system to SG Baker, Britain’s biggest international supplier of sandbags and industrial and agricultural packaging, in a deal worth €2 million in revenues.

SG Baker will distribute the systems to its clients to sell it. Global Flood Solutions has the exclusive rights to supply the system to Britain.

The Irish company will supply it exclusively to SG Baker for the next three years.

Director Shane Curran said that flooding was expected in Britain as heavy snow thaws. The country had had serious flooding problems in recent years, and was expecting further difficulties this year.