Podcast: Builders want to build, says industry representative

This week’s show tackles the mortgage rules while Ciara O’Brien reviews the latest Samsung smartphone

The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) has called for a relaxation of Central Bank mortgage rules to help get the housing market moving.

Speaking on The Irish Times Business Pocast, CIF director Hubert Fitzpatrick repeated the call for a relaxation of the mortgage rules, while denying property developers are hoarding land until prices rise - but others may be, he says.

“I don’t believe builders who want to build are holding the lands. There is evidence that some other funders that may have purchased land over the last number of years and they might be waiting for prices to rise,” Mr Fitzpatrick said.

“But we have to remember that a builder can only build if he can get the development finance.”


Also on the podcast, Ciara O'Brien reviews the latest Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7.