ComReg applies to High Court seeking Eir compliance with transparency obligations

Matter relates to 2019 finding of non-compliance in respect of how data usage tariffs and charges were presented

Communications regulator ComReg has brought an application to the High Court against Eir seeking compliance and possible customer refunds in relation to a failure by the company to comply with mobile telecoms regulations.

The matter relates to a final opinion of non-compliance with contractual transparency obligations issued in respect of Meteor Mobile Communications Limited, the former name for Eircom Limited’s mobile arm, in April 2019, one year after the company was notified of a finding that it had not complied with the Universal Service Regulations.

This concerned the way in which tariffs and charges associated with out-of-bundle data usage were presented and subsequently charged to customers. Eir phased out the Meteor name in 2017. The Universal Service Regulations also allow ComReg to seek an order for the payment of a financial penalty.

The future of forecourts (originally published October 2021)

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Eir has been contacted for comment.

The communications regulator regularly issues non-compliance notices against telecoms companies, often prompting customer refunds at a later date.

Last week, ComReg notified Eircom, the name of the company that trades as Eir, of a finding of non-compliance concerning a failure to notify some of its customers of a proposed price increase to their contracts at least one month prior to the changes taking effect and related failure to afford those customers the right to withdraw without penalty from the contract if they did not accept the price increase.

Eir has since notified these customers of the price increase and afforded them the right to withdraw, it said, while it has also refunded customers who were charged the price increase before receiving the notification of the contract price increase. Eircom has until August 22nd to state its views to ComReg in relation to this finding.

Laura Slattery

Laura Slattery

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