Stephen Rynne

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To cap it all, Stephen Rynne wrote, she had “an attractive way of stooping as she passes into the henhouses”. Photograph: Getty Images

One of the more contentious opinions of that otherwise affable writer Stephen Rynne – as I was reminded recently at the height of the ministerial geog(...)

Con Ó Drisceoil is among Ireland’s leading practitioners of the comic ballad, an ancient art form. Photograph: from the cover of his book, Hunting the Hair, courtesy of TG4/Gradam Ceoil

I can’t say for certain that Davoc Rynne and Con Ó Drisceoil have ever met in person, but the chances are very high. They’re both musicians, have been(...)

The variety in question was the well-named “Jazz”, a relatively modern one, from the 1980s

Among the delights in my local SuperValu of late are something labelled “Seasonal Apples”. I was at first pleased to see this, if also surprised, sinc(...)

At least sometimes, the folk cures had roots in biology or chemistry

Further to the subject of cures, which we were discussing yesterday, Wicklow-born reader Mattie Lennon reminds me that certain Irish families used to (...)

Even if you have no interest in English football, you will probably be aware that something called the “January transfer window” is now open. This lib(...)

“Knotweed seems to have displaced ragwort as the Irish plant world’s public enemy number one”

Walking the backroads along the Border recently, for a feature elsewhere in this newspaper, I was struck by the number of signs warning about the dang(...)

Favoured food: A linnet at thistledown. Illustration: Michael Viney

The tall marsh thistles of the hill pasture, so stately and elegant only a few weeks ago, have been reduced by gales and rain to spiny, bedraggled spi(...)