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Dutch caretaker prime minister Mark Rutte: politically wounded, perhaps mortally. Photograph: Laurens Van Putten/EPA

The sighs were almost audible over the Dutch Sunday newspapers as junior coalition partners, Christian Union – having helped Mark Rutte to survive onl(...)

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte during a debate in The Hague on April 1st. Photograph:  Bart Maat/AFP via Getty

Talks on a new Dutch coalition government remain on hold after caretaker premier Mark Rutte narrowly survived a vote of no confidence on Friday mornin(...)

Mark Rutte, acting premier: new coronavirus cases are rising in the Netherlands – up 16 per cent to 46,005 over the week to Tuesday, the fastest growth since mid-January. Photograph: Lex Van Lieshout/EPA

The caretaker Dutch government has extended the country’s second lockdown and the overnight curfew that led to riots earlier in the year – warning tha(...)

D66 leader Sigrid Kaag speaks to journalists in the House of Representatives in The Hague. Photographer: Peter Boer/Bloomberg

It can take months to form a coalition government in the Netherlands, so it was surprising to see Mark Rutte and his new “best friend”, Sigrid Kaag, (...)

 Dutch Democrats66 (D66) party leader Sigrid Kaag: former diplomat’s party’s support leapt from 19 seats in 2017 to 24. Photograph: Remko de Waal

Jubilant caretaker prime minister Mark Rutte has called for the rapid negotiation of a new Dutch coalition government after a general election that co(...)

Voters queue in the Maritim Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on Wednesday. Photograph: Peter Boer/Bloomberg

An exit poll in the Netherlands shows the Liberal Party, led by outgoing premier Mark Rutte, on course to form a fourth coalition government after an (...)

A deserted street in the centre of Groningen. Photograph: Kees Van de Veen/ANP/AFP via Getty

With the Netherlands in the midst of its second Covid-19 lockdown and considering overnight curfews to control socialising, the coalition government o(...)

 Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte during a debate last month on  developments around  Covid-19 in the House of Representatives in The Hague. Photograph: EPA/Bart Maat

In the early weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic a much-shared cartoon showed Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte as an elderly man, standing unassailably at t(...)

 EU Commissioner for Trade Phil Hogan: weighing up  whether to run to be the next head of the World Trade Organisation.

The position of Ireland’s EU Commissioner Phil Hogan is increasingly awkward in Brussels as he weighs whether to run to be the next head of the World (...)

If Phil Hogan applied and was successful in becoming WTO director general, it would mean the next government would have to choose a replacement commissioner. Photograph: Eric Luke

European commissioner and former minister for the environment Phil Hogan is considering applying to be director general of the World Trade Organisatio(...)

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