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When banks agreed in mid-March to offer payment holidays on loans, they were relying on EU banking rules which stated that non-accrual of interest is taken as a sign a borrower is unlikely to repay a loan, and should be classified as being in default. Photograph: iStock

The Republic’s five retail banks have confirmed they will continue to apply interest to loans subject to payment breaks during the Covid-19 crisis, ev(...)

Sharon Donnery: “The full effects of this crisis will emerge over time.” Photograph: Jason Clarke

Central Bank deputy governor Sharon Donnery said on Wednesday that the low levels of cash held by small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) before th(...)

Gabriel Makhlouf, who succeeded Philip Lane as Central Bank Governor in September 2019, received remuneration of €95,597 for the four months to the end of December

The number of people earning €100,000 or more at the Central Bank increased again last year, its annual report shows. According to figures published (...)

It is understood that Gabriel Makhlouf flew to Athens last month to visit a family member who is unwell. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Gabriel Makhlouf, the governor of the Central Bank of Ireland, is running the institution from under lockdown in Greece. The bank confirmed that Mr (...)

1. Which company has been charged with delivering high-speed broadband to rural Ireland? 2. In which city was the new Central Bank of Ireland governo(...)

Central Bank governor Gabriel Makhlouf: “If I recall correctly that particular gentleman described our work as annoying, and one of the things I can tell you is that he may regret the fact that we will continue to be annoying.” Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Central Bank governor Gabriel Makhlouf responded publicly on Thursday for the first time to the head of KBC Group bemoaning the regulator’s ongoing fo(...)

Sarah Lynott and Cathleen Lynott , daughters of Phil Lynott with new coin. Photograoh: Tom Honan

A commemorative silver coin marking 70 years since rock artist Phil Lynott was born was unveiled by President Michael D Higgins on Tuesday. Lynott g(...)

Central Bank deputy governor Ed Sibley warned that bankers are beginning to display echoes of pre-crisis hubris.

Won’t someone please think of the bankers? All these onerous rules and regulations – not to mention the relentless focus on good governance and consta(...)

Central Bank deputy governor Sharon Donnery: ‘If supply is not responding to prices, then any move to increase the level of credit is likely to lead to higher housing costs and higher indebtedness.’ Photograph:   Nick Bradshaw

For every 12 new jobs created in Dublin over the past five years, just one new home has been built, Central Bank deputy governor Sharon Donnery said o(...)

Prof Kieran McQuinn of the ESRI said modelling the impact of a no-deal Brexit was extremely difficult. Photograph: Jenny Barker

Brexit may have inadvertently stopped the Irish economy from overheating, a leading economist has claimed. “In a strange way it has helped cool the e(...)

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