Marie Staunton

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Jimi Blake in his west Wicklow garden, Hunting Brook. Photograph: Sean Jackson

He’s been described by the Telegraph newspaper as one of the world’s “new plant gurus” and is chums with Monty Don (the mellifluous-voiced presenter o(...)

House plants decoratively displayed are a favourite with Instagrammers

Care to hazard a guess as to the rising stars of social media in this digitally-obsessed age of ours? No, it’s not the cosmetically-enhanced wannabes (...)

A Japanese acer in brilliant autumn colour in Heen Dillon’s old garden. Photograph:  Richard Johnston

When is the best time to plant a tree? So goes the proverbial question, to which the killer punchline of a proverbial answer – “Twenty years ago . . (...)

Dr Marie Staunton: “When they [patients] are given their prognostic information and when the surgeon indicates to them the type of breast cancer they have and that they’re likely to have an excellent outcome, they actually should believe it.”

Pathologist Dr Marie Staunton has seen a dramatic improvement in the field of symptomatic breast cancer since she completed her training in 1999. “Wh(...)

Is your idea of the perfect piece of garden art something along the lines of a classic bronze sculpture? Or do you prefer the idea of something slight(...)

Stephen Butler must create a sense of horticultural realism without poisoning the animals.

The next time you find yourself grimacing at the damage that pigeons have done to your brassica plants, or shedding an angry tear for baby seedlings g(...)

A detail of Helen Dillon’s garden at 45 Sandford Terrace, Ranelagh, Dublin 6. Photograph: Richard Johnston

Number 45, Sandford Terrace, Ranelagh. For so many people, that Dublin address represents a sort of horticultural rite of passage, a place of pilgrim(...)

A dewy summer rose, from A Tale of Two Gardens.

One of the great things about gardening is how it can bring people together: many lifelong friendships have been nurtured by a mutual love of plants (...)

Bumble bee feeding from a cosmos flower. Photograph: Richard Johnston

Bad days, we all have them. Something happens, and suddenly you find yourself briefly but uncomfortably at odds with the world. I was having such a(...)

Address: 15 Durham Road, Sandymount, Dublin 4Description: Four-bed semi-d remodelled by its interior designer ownerPrice: €925,000Agent: BennettsAn i(...)