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An image from a rare shark nursery filmed 200 nautical miles west of Ireland by Irish and British scientists in one of six offshore special areas of conservation.

A rare shark nursery has been identified by a team of scientists in one of the State’s marine protected areas some 200 nautical miles off the west coa(...)

Senator Grace O’Sullivan (Green Party), who introduced a Bill in Seanad two years ago proposing a ban on microplastics in Ireland, said the study illustrated the scale of the plastics problem. Photograph: Getty Images

Microplastics have been found in human stools for the first time, suggesting the tiny particles may be widespread in food. Responding to the findings(...)

The purple octocoral Clavularia overgrown and the reef forming stony coral Solenosmilia. In the foreground is a delicate bamboo coral with pale pink polyps. The bristly arms belong to an orange brisingid star fish. Photograph: NUIG

Deep water sponges and octocorals found on the edge of Ireland’s Continental Shelf have been sampled by NUI Galway scientists as part of research into(...)

A vast under-water canyon extending to a depth of 3,000m has been mapped on the edge of Ireland’s Continental Shelf.

An enormous submarine canyon 3,000m deep has been mapped on the edge of Ireland’s Continental Shelf by scientists aboard the State research ship RV Ce(...)

Tropical reefs  face an ‘existential threat’ from man-induced climate change despite their ability to ‘bounce back’ from previous major climate events, researchers say. Photograph: Getty Images

Coral reefs may date back to the age of dinosaurs, up to 160 million years ago, and are likely to have survived previous episodes of global warming, i(...)

Beautiful coral species form a colourful garden at 2000m off the west coast of Ireland. Photograph: Marine Institute

Gardens of rare and newly discovered deepwater coral and an entire reef of sponges have been identified off the Irish west coast by a team of Irish an(...)

Dr Micheline Sheehy Skeffington: last year’s Equality Tribunal discrimination ruling in favour of the scientist led to the establishment of the taskforce on gender equality. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

NUI Galway (NUIG) has approved the full membership of its taskforce on gender equality, following last year’s Equality Tribunal discrimination ruling(...)

Antarctic octopus, Cirroctopus sp., has a leg span of nearly 1 meter. Photograph British Antarctic Survey

More than 9,000 species from tiny microbes to penguins to large whales have been recorded in a new atlas of Antarctic marine life, with an Irish scie(...)

Using a remotely operated vehicle, the 14 scientists on the Celtic Explorer came across a giant hydroid that was more than half a metre in diameter.

A rare giant hydroid, a deepwater rough shark and 200-year-old clams and oysters are among specimens collected by a research team during a deep-sea bi(...)

A giant squid or Architeuthis. Photograph:  Tsunemi Kubodera via NUI Galway

New research involving an Irish scientist has found that all the giant squid inthe planet’s oceans belong to one single species. Dr Loui(...)