Lord Byron

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Albany Chambers in London’s Piccadilly. Among the fictional former residents of that illustrious building was the hero of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest.

Chided on the letters page recently for referring to “Peterhouse College” in Cambridge -– as I now know, the “house” makes the “College” redundant – I(...)

In August 1821, George IV became the first British monarch to visit Ireland since 1690 and the first to arrive without an army in tow. Portrait: Sir Thomas Lawrence

In August 1821, George IV became the first British monarch to visit Ireland since 1690 and the first ever to arrive without an army in tow. His decisi(...)

 Lola Montez: her surname was pure invention, part of a rebranding in which she became an exotic dancer from Andalusia

She was a certainly a showgirl, like the one in Barry Manilow’s song. But her first name was not Lola, nor her surname Montez, when she was born 200 y(...)

This unique bronze by Stephanie Hess, called Air Hug II, will be a subtle reminder of the year without hugs for our loved ones. €1,400 at the Solomon Fine Art gallery.

With lockdown curtailing normal shopping activity, members of the Irish Antiques Dealers’ Association have curated a selection of unusual pieces that (...)

Myles na gCopaleen took a dim view of the Thomas Moore statue, “the terracotta monstrosity which dishonours the name of a decent little versifier”

At least under his own by-line, Myles na gCopaleen was suspiciously quiet during the great Irish Times letters row of 1947, as discussed here last wee(...)

A 19th-century garnet set gifted by Lord Byron to Mary Ann Chaworth in 1803 (€800-€1,200).

Adam’s of St Stephen’s Green in Dublin will hold its first sale on July 5th, after suspending auctions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Featured(...)

Original painting by Sophie McKay Knight, with imagery contributed by women scientists from the University of St Andrews – part of the Chrysalis project coordinated by Mhairi Stewart.

“Why are women bad at maths?” You might remember that corny joke that did the rounds donkeys of years ago. You might even remember its punchline. It t(...)

Delacroix: a detail from July 28, 1830: Liberty Leading the People. Courtesy of the Louvre, Paris

France had not held a major retrospective of Eugène Delacroix’s work since the centenary of his death in 1963. An exhibition at the Louvre this spring(...)

Theatre Lovett’s ‘Frnknstn’ by Michael West, at the Abbey Theatre from August 17th to  September 1st. Photograph: Ros Kavanagh

In the 200 years since its publication, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein has proved itself endlessly malleable. Regarded as the foundational text of Gothic(...)

Words we should use more often. Amplush: An Irish dialectical term that sounds like a mixture of “ambush” and “impasse”, this can be a bit of both. (...)

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