Leopold Bloom

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In 1932, Random House imported a single copy of James Joyce’s Ulysses into the US and arranged for Customs to seize it. Photograph: Culture Club/Getty Images

One hundred years ago on Sunday, a decision by a lowly New York court had the effect of banning James Joyce’s Ulysses in the United States. In the Nau(...)

 Aaron’s rod turns into a serpent. Moses’s brother was also something of a tour guide. Illustration: Getty

My apologies to Arran Henderson, the tour guide I mentioned here earlier in the week, whose first name I managed to get wrong despite double-checking (...)

We figure out what paternity means by emulating or reacting against our fathers and their fathers and their fathers’ fathers. Photograph: Getty

Fatherhood is a kind of makey-up thing, it has to be invented every time, but it has come into its own in lockdown During the lockdown, almost e(...)

 George Bernard Shaw: caused a sort of frisson. Photograph:  AFP/AFP/Getty Images

With Royal Ascot behind closed doors this year, there is even less risk of anyone being shocked by a vulgar cockney shouting at one of the horses: “Mo(...)

No 9 Little Britain Street is located in an area covered by the ‘Living City Initiative’ scheme of tax reliefs

Investors with an eye for an opportunity will be alive to the potential presented by the sale of No 9 Little Britain Street in Dublin 7. While the ad(...)

 TS Eliot: had an eventful meeting with James Joyce. Photograph: Getty Images

I’m pleased to hear that the future of Sweny’s Pharmacy, one of the last vestiges of James Joyce’s Dublin and now a miniature museum, has been made a (...)

 Elmore Leonard: a great writer in his own way, a way not usually compared with Joyce’s, although they had some things in common. Photograph: Paul Sancya/AP

On Twitter recently, with another Bloomsday approaching, I found myself drawn into a Twitter debate about whether James Joyce made a real or feigned m(...)

Mouthguards are meant primarily for nocturnal use and aim to prevent the ongoing damage that can be caused by grinding or clenching that usually occurs subconsciously during sleep.

In these stressful times you’re either a grinder or a clencher. I’ve been the latter for some time – and am so glad I got my mouthguard fitted be(...)

It’s a month to the day since the first case of coronavirus, also know as Covid-19, was diagnosed in Ireland. On February 28th, Michelle and Damien Ma(...)

Patrick Dignam: a real-life Dubliner, he was killed in the crossfire of Easter Week

Of the many shopkeepers mentioned in James Joyce’s Ulysses, apparently, there is only one you will not find in Thom’s Dublin Directory for 1905, the y(...)

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