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Smoking costs the State 140 times more each year than the amount spent trying to get people to give up the habit, the Irish Heart Foundation has said.  Photograph: Bryan O’Brien / The Irish Times.

Smoking costs the State 140 times more each year than the amount spent trying to get people to give up the habit, the Irish Heart Foundation has said.(...)

Sugar sweetened drinks tax was introduced in Budget 2018 as part of an effort to curb consumer preferences for drinks with heavy sugar content Photograph: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

The government pulled in just €16.5 million in revenue from a tax on sugary drinks that was projected to net €30 million in extra revenue for the Stat(...)

Tomas and Marie McKeon do their best to keep their children – Bronagh (4), Feilim (2), Tomas (6), and Clodagh (8) – eating healthily. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

“Mum, nobody wants to come on a playdate here because you’re too healthy.” Even as a passionate believer in encouraging children to love healthy food,(...)

The Irish Heart Foundation and stroke survivors protesting at Beaumont Hospital on Monday, World Stroke Day, over breakdown in essential equipment. Photograph Nick Bradshaw/The Irish Times

The Irish Heart Foundation and stroke survivors have protested outside Dublin’s Beaumont Hospital on World Stroke Day over what they describe as “an i(...)

Pro-smokers group Forest Ireland reacted with dismay and said smokers “have been the whipping boys of successive governments for far too long”.

Fuel and alcohol were spared any tax increases in Paschal Dohohoe’s second budget but tobacco was hit hard again as the Minister for Finance confirmed(...)

An Oireachtas committee this week recommended a ban on vending machines which dispense junk food in schools. Photograph: iStock

Sausage rolls, chips, mini-pizzas, Danish pastries and cookies. They are just some of the staples on the menus of most secondary school canteens today(...)

The Government has estimated the tax on sugar sweetened drinks will yield about €40 million in a full year. Photograph: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

The introduction of a sugar sweetened drink tax in the Republic has been heralded in some quarters as the “most important day yet in fight against chi(...)

Stroke site: a new report recommends that  stroke survivors  receive at least 45 minutes a day of each  therapy they need, five days a week, but says that only 15 per cent of units are reaching this target

The treatment of stroke patients in Ireland is, to use a sporting cliche, a game of two halves. Improved emergency care for people who have suffered (...)

 Jillian Boyle who suffered her first stroke at 32: “After that initial burst, the help you get is watered down. They want to discharge you as soon as possible. The minute you go out of the system, you’re down at the back of the queue.” Photograph: Barry Cronin

Three out of four of the country’s rehabilitation hospitals admit they are unable to provide stroke patients with the recommended level of therapy the(...)

The director of the Irish Beverage Council, Kevin McPartlan, said the Minister for Finance is labouring ‘under the delusion that additional taxes on soft drinks will have any positive impact on obesity’. Photograph: Getty Images

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan has announced he intends to proceed with his plan to introduce a tax on sugary drinks, but not until April 2018. (...)

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