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Keep your heart healthy with these tips from the heart experts. Photograph: iStock

1 Dr Paddy Barrett Consultant cardiologist at Blackrock Clinic “Eighty per cent of early heart disease is preventable. Eighty per cent of the factors(...)

Repair of aneurysms and dissections have improved over the years but adequate recovery time is important.

Tim Fleming Fleming, originally from Kerry, was an active and healthy man with no underlying health issues. So when he died unexpectedly in 2015, age(...)

Irish Heart Foundation ambassador Michael Lyster, who lives with heart failure and Dr Angie Brown, consultant cardiologist and medical director, Irish Heart Foundation. Photograph: Marc O’Sullivan

The Irish Heart Foundation’s “Don’t Ignore the Signs of Heart Failure” campaign aims to educate the public about the warning signs of heart failure an(...)

Murphy said more houses are required so people can ‘rent with sustainability’. Or, to put it another way, not be made homeless. File photograph: Nick Bradshaw/The Irish Times

Say what you like about the Government, there’s no doubting its sincerity about the right to choose. The Eighth amendment may have been repealed, but (...)

A heart attack is often missed in woman as they may not display the classic symptoms. Photograph: Getty Images
Health tip of the week

Cardiovascular disease – mainly heart attack and stroke – is one of the greatest health threats to women in Ireland, yet research carried out by the I(...)

Silent killer: high blood pressure, which is often asymptomatic, increases the risk of stroke and heart attack

Heart disease is the cause of one-third of all deaths and one in five premature deaths in Ireland. About 10,000 people die each year from cardiovascul(...)

A new study does not support the widespread use in healthy older people of statins as cholesterol reducing drugs, in order to prevent heart disease and stroke.

A new study does not support the widespread use in healthy older people of statins as cholesterol reducing drugs, in order to prevent heart disease an(...)

Broadcaster Marty Morrissey with Bobby Mulvaney from Sallins Men’s Shed get their blood pressure checked at the Irish Heart Foundation’s Mobile Health Unit.  Photograph: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

Bobby Mulvaney didn’t have the slightest inkling that anything was wrong with him but, because his mates from the local Men’s Shed were getting their (...)

The statins industry rests on the unproven cholesterol hypothesis: that eating saturated fat raises blood cholesterol concentrations, which clogs coronary arteries, inducing CVD.

In 2016, when Ireland’s State-funded sector spent almost €50 million on cholesterol-lowering statins – the world’s most prescribed drug – was the mone(...)

Marc Stanley  at Tibohine Flying Club, Frenchpark, Co Roscommon, says maintaining a positive outlook  helps a lot, as heart disease is both a mental and physical condition. Photograph:  Brian Farrell

If there is one man in the west of Ireland who does not harbour the slightest fear of flying, it is Marc Stanley. If anything, a passion for light air(...)

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