While the familiar munching and slurping of the dinner table are innocuous enough to most, those with misophonia – literally a hatred of sound – can find them profoundly irritating. Photograph: iStock

Scientists have shed light on why everyday sounds such as chewing, drinking and breathing can be so maddening to some people that it drives them to de(...)

An Gie Yen woke up with what seems like an Irish accent after tonsil surgery. Photograph: Screengrab/An Gie Yen/TikTok

An Australian Asian woman who woke up from surgery on her tonsils, speaking in what seems to be an Irish accent, has been documenting her experience o(...)

Iain Duncan Smith was among the individuals sanctioned by China. Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA/File

China has imposed sanctions against UK politicians, lawyers and academics over criticism of its mass internment campaign in Xinjiang, the latest salvo(...)

Music biographer Johnny Rogan nourished his love of pop and rock on visits to relations in Ireland  through the years. Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

Johnny Rogan Born: February 14th, 1953 Died: January 21st, 2021 Johnny Rogan, who has died unexpectedly aged 67, was among the most prolific and well(...)

Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben has been railing against state-led ‘health terror’ and ‘techno-medical despotism’. Photograph: European Graduate School

A mantra of the current crisis is that things won’t go back to the way they were. Essential workers like nurses and carers will be properly paid. Peop(...)

Researchers with the Institute of Neuroscience at Newcastle University decided to teach two female macaque monkeys to lift weights, and the researchers watched what happened to their nerves. Photograph: iStock

When we start to lift weights, our muscles do not strengthen and change at first, but our nervous systems do, according to a fascinating new study in (...)

Boris Johnson: whether Britain’s death toll is the second, third or fourth-highest in the world, the government’s performance during the crisis has compared unfavourably with that of most of its European neighbours.  Photograph: Will Oliver/EPA

When Boris Johnson addressed the 1922 Committee of Conservative backbenchers by Zoom on Friday, the MPs unmuted their microphones so they could bang t(...)

The Girli Concrete artwork in the entrance hall to the Playhouse theatre in Derry, which was created by  Ruth Morrow and Trish Belford. Photograph:  Martin McKeown

Imagine concrete wall with a velvet finish or a floor made of concrete but with the feel and texture of moss. “Concrete is usually perceived as being (...)

The House of Lords EU committee heard that implementing Brexit’s  Irish “protocol”  was hampered by a “real lack of a very detailed guide as to what all this means”. Photograph: Getty Images

Leaving Northern Ireland with “one foot” in both the EU and UK markets under the Brexit deal will be “incredibly complicated”, the House of Lords EU c(...)

Emily Aoibheann with the ‘giant peral’ created by Liing Heaney for her show Mother of Pearl. Photograph: Emilia Pason

A conversation with Emily Aoibheann about her latest work, Mother of Pearl, is a bit like her artistic life to date: rambling, intriguing, but never d(...)

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