Developer Michael O’Flynn told the IPAV conference: “Contrary to some of the noise now emerging, home ownership is not an obsession.”

Developer Michael O’Flynn has hit out at those in the property industry whom he says are “now cheerleading” for a shift in government policy that prio(...)

The Economist says residential property prices in Dublin are overvalued by 25 per cent when compared with incomes.

Thinking of buying a home or an investment property this autumn? Or maybe you’re selling? If you are then you’ll be wondering where house prices will (...)

In its pre-budget submission IPAV suggested the higher stamp duty rate is discouraging people from living in rural Ireland. Its logic is inherently flawed. Photograph: iStock

The Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers (IPAV) published its budget submission on Monday. It dusted off the hoary old chestnut that valu(...)

Ipav suggests its survey demonstrates that landlords are leaving the rental market in their droves. Photograph: iStock

“Private landlords are leaving the market in their droves” was the message from the Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers (Ipav) yesterday(...)

Restaurants have seen insurance premium increases of 45 per cent, a level the Restaurant Association of Ireland deems “unsustainable”. Photograph: Getty Images

Irish businesses have begun looking outside the State for more affordable insurance premiums as the spiralling price of cover becomes an increasingly (...)

ESRI warns of danger that potential credit growth could fuel greater house price inflation. Photograph: Frank Miller

A lack of evidence of a bubble in house prices has been described as “somewhat reassuring” by the Economic and Social Research Institute. The think-t(...)

The new pricing survey from the Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers (IPAV) puts the average cost of a family home in selected areas of the capital at just under €518,000, more than twice the State-wide average. File photograph: Frank Miller

The cost of an average-sized family home in some Dublin locations will top boom-time prices within a year, a new report has claimed. However, its aut(...)

The Workplace Relations’ Commission  ordered an estate agent to pay the equivalent of two months’ rent to a  woman after telling her that the landlord was looking for a couple for the property. Photograph: Alan Betson

Landlords are often “blissfully unaware” of anti-discrimination legislation when it comes to renting property, it has been claimed. A letting agent (...)

Outside of Dublin, there are 27,000 less rental properties since 2011

“Is that it?” broadly characterised a somewhat deflated response to Minister for Housing Simon Coveney’s rental strategy from those on the rental hous(...)

Many investors are reaching the end of their 10-year interest-only period. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

A squeeze in the number of buy-to-let properties available in the Irish property market is likely to happen as many interest-only arrangements end an(...)

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