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Cubans demonstrate outside the Capitol  in Havana last July against the government of  President Miguel Diaz-Canel. Photograph: Yamil Lage/AFP via Getty Images

Detained protesters in Cuba could get up to 30 years in prison as they face the largest and most punitive mass trials on the island since the early ye(...)

Sergio Garrido is surrounded by supportrs on Monday after his election victory in Barinas, Venezuela. Photograph:  Federico Parra/AFP via Getty Images

Venezuela’s opposition has dealt an embarrassing blow to Nicolás Maduro’s ruling socialists by winning an election in the state where former president(...)

Colombian president Ivan Duque requesting reinforcement in Arauca, the border with Venezuela, after clashes. Photograph: Colombian Presidency/AFP via Getty

Twenty-three people have been reported killed so far in Colombia’s Arauca province amid fighting between illegal armed groups, defence minister Diego(...)

French electronica has a lot to answer for. Daft Punk’s retirement announcement last February after nearly three decades of crafting club and pop anth(...)

A brochure for José Antonio Kast during a closing rally ahead of Chile’s presidential run-off elections, in Santiago. Photograph: Tamara Merino/Bloomberg

Whatever its outcome, Sunday’s election marks a watershed moment in Chile’s modern history. For the first time since the dictatorship of Augusto Pino(...)

FARC rebels rest on a window of a local store at a small village in the mountains of Colombia. File Photograph: Federico Rios Escobar/The New York Times

A top commander belonging to a group of former Colombian rebels who rearmed following a 2016 peace deal was killed in an ambush in Venezuela, Colombia(...)

People wait in line to vote at a polling station in the Nicaraguan capital Managua on Sunday. Photograph: Oswaldo Rivas/AFP via Getty Images

Nicaraguans went to the polls on Sunday in a presidential election marked by long-time President Daniel Ortega’s ruthless campaign to extend his tight(...)

 Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro (centre). Photograph:  EPA/Miraflores press office

The International Criminal Court is to investigate Venezuela’s socialist government for alleged crimes against humanity over accusations of torture, r(...)

Peru’s president Pedro Castillo  congratulating newly sworn-in prime minister  Mirtha Vásquez  in Lima on Wednesday. Photograph: Peru presidency/AFP via Getty Images

Peru’s leftwing president Pedro Castillo has announced a significant cabinet reshuffle, ousting his divisive prime minister Guido Bellido and distanci(...)

More than 100m students globally are not going back to education due to the pandemic

In Moroto High School, in impoverished northeastern Uganda, more than a fifth of students were on Irish Aid bursaries when I visited last year. Their (...)

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