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The recovery comes two weeks after two deadly incidents in the area involving boats loaded with migrants. Photograph: iStock

The body of a young child was recovered from the Aegean Sea on Saturday, two weeks after two deadly incidents in the area involving boats loaded with (...)

Ireland is in the top handful of European states for vaccination. File photograph: Getty

Why does Ireland have so many Covid-19 cases when so many people are vaccinated and have had booster doses? That’s a good question, which attempts we(...)

Pedestrians  walk on the Champs-Élysées in central Paris. France set a new record for daily cases in Europe by confirming 208,000 cases in 24 hours on Wednesday, followed by 206,000 on Thursday. Photograph: Ian Langsdon/EPA

A string of European countries recorded their highest ever number of Covid-19 cases in the week after Christmas as the highly-infectious Omicron strai(...)

Constantina Constantinou with ‘friends’ at the dog sanctuary she runs in the village of Tseri in Cyprus

On a green hill not far from the 12th-century village of Tseri stands a sanctuary for abandoned dogs. Its mission is to “rescue dogs from the streets (...)

A protester holds a banner reading “Vaccination passport equals Apartheid” as she attends a noise protest during the press conference with Prime Minister Mark Rutte about new coronavirus measures to stop the spread of the Omicron variant, in The Hague, on December 18, 2021. Photo: Getty Images

European countries have moved to reimpose tougher measures to stem a new wave of Covid-19 infections spurred by the highly transmissible omicron varia(...)

Median age for ICU was 38 for unvaccinated and 66 for vacinated patients. Photograph: iStock

More than 90 per cent of vaccinated Covid-19 patients who were admitted to intensive care over a five month period had an underlying health condition,(...)

Cristiano Ronaldo is believed to have benefited from Italy’s tax regime to the tune of several millions during his time with  Juventus. Photograph: Getty Images

If you’re looking to pay less tax on your income then, typically, a move to some sunny Caribbean island or a desert city in the Middle East might spri(...)

A rainbow congregation of Catholics were joined by Cypriot Orthodox, Anglicans and Evangelicals to welcome Pope Francis, the gentle rock star of the Christian faith in Nicosia. Photograph: Katia Christodoulou/EPA

The faithful flocked to Nicosia’s stadium on Friday morning not to cheer a football match but to celebrate an open-air papal Mass. A rainbow congregat(...)

Of the Cypriot population of 1.2m, 73% are Christian, of whom 95% are Orthodox. Photograph: Filippo Monteforte/AFP via Getty Images

Pope Francis will on Thursday begin a two-day surprise visit to Cyprus, where in 45 AD apostles Paul and Barnabas introduced the Roman-ruled island’s (...)

Biran lost his parents, who were Israeli nationals living in Italy, his two-year-old brother and maternal great-grandparents in the aerial tramway crash in northern Italy in May. Photograph: Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico Piemontese via AP

A man suspected of assisting the alleged kidnap of a six-year-old boy who survived a cable car crash in Italy has been arrested in Cyprus. Gabriel Ab(...)

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