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For several years, starting in 1760, Euler wrote a series of letters to Friederike Charlotte, princess of Brandenburg-Schwedt, a niece of Frederick the Great of Prussia

The great Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler produced profound and abundant mathematical works. Publication of his Opera Omnia began in 1911 and, with(...)

The Irish mathematician William Rowan Hamilton. After he died  ‘innumerable dinner plates were found buried in the mountainous piles of papers’ in his office.
The mind of the mathematician

What are mathematicians really like? What are the characteristics or traits of personality typical among them? Mathematicians are rarely the heroes of(...)

A stamp featuring Jakob Bernoulli and his golden theorem

Jakob Bernoulli, head of a dynasty of brilliant scholars, was one of the world’s leading mathematicians. His great work, Ars Conjectandi, published in(...)

In addition to some beautiful photos and maps and descriptions of upland challenges in Ireland and abroad, the November issue of the Summit, the Mount(...)

Born in 1706 in Paris, Émilie Du Châtelet showed signs of genius from an early age, mastering several languages and taking a keen interest in mathematics

A remarkable French natural philosopher and mathematician who lived in the early 18th century, Émilie Du Châtelet, generally remembered for her transl(...)

Harvey Friedman: he has been searching for decades for a new theory, one that will introduce ‘natural’ ways for determining the best axioms

Mathematics is distinguished from the sciences by the freedom it enjoys in choosing basic assumptions from which consequences can be deduced by applyi(...)

Évariste Galois: he perished in obscurity, and it would be another 15 years before the brilliance of his work was recognised

Edna St Vincent Millay’s sonnet “Euclid alone has looked on beauty bare” evokes the ethereal, otherworldly quality of mathematics. Scandalous behaviou(...)

Mathematician Robert Langlands. Langlands program is a set of deep conjectures that attempt to forge links between algebraic and analytical objects.

There are numerous branches of mathematics, from the familiar arithmetic, geometry and algebra at an elementary level to more advanced branches such a(...)

Weather prediction models have improved dramatically in recent decades

The climate is changing, and we need to know what changes to expect and how soon to expect them. Earth system models, which simulate all relevant comp(...)

The Irish Mathematical Society, which holds its annual meeting this week, has been going strong for 45 years. Photograph: iStock

On a cold December night in 1976, a group of mathematicians assembled in a room in Trinity College Dublin for the inaugural meeting of the Irish Mathe(...)

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