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On-demand entertainment: Traditional TV providers have increasingly embraced streaming services

TV providers have to work harder for their money these days. In the past, they may have had a captive audience, but with so many streaming services an(...)

Sky Q HDR: Its improved programme guide is where most people will really feel the benefit.

Sky Q HDR (From €37 per month) When Sky Q launched in 2016, it brought a new platform that was designed not just for Sky’s pay TV services, but as a (...)

Competitors claim Eir is being given an unfair advantage

The communications regulator has failed to comply with a request made by the European Commission more than two years ago to urgently update the pricin(...)

In Italy, where Venice shopkeepers gathered on Monday to call for a reopening, the government has introduced a 30 per cent tax credit on advertising in certain media. Photograph: Marco Sabadin/AFP

With television ad breaks not overstaying their welcome at the moment, one particular commercial might be leaping out for some. “You know who I am? I’(...)

Sports subscription packages feature a small number of high profile events and various minority sports or tournaments. Photograph: Alan Betson

It was a Tuesday afternoon and I had a breakdown in the Lemsip war room. This is not as dangerous as it sounds. Marketing people like to couch what th(...)

Broadband companies say service are able to cope with the extra demand

Irish broadband providers and mobile operators have reported no issues with their networks as workers across the country hunker down and work remotely(...)

Sky will transition its 5,000-vehicle fleet so that it produces no emissions, as well as plant trees, mangroves and seagrass.

Sky said it plans to have net-zero carbon emissions by 2030, the latest company to support the effort to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 degr(...)

British prime minister Boris Johnson, pictured at the BBC leaders’ debate on Friday,  dodged a question on if he would resign if he failed to win a majority.   Photograph: BBC/PA Wire

British prime minister Boris Johnson said he was nervous about his narrowing lead in opinion polls ahead of Thursday’s election as he pledged to deliv(...)

A growing number of customers are turning away from traditional pay-TV providers and looking exclusively at streaming services. Photograph: iStock

When was the last time you watched a TV show when it aired on a scheduled TV channel? While linear TV isn’t in danger of dying off, the popularity of (...)

Helen Mirren in Catherine the Great. ‘For me, to show older women as powerful, active, courageous, smart is important.’ Photograph: Sky

Helen Mirren couldn’t look any more Helen Mirren when I meet her. Her light hair is swept back, not one strand out of place. She wears a buttoned-up f(...)

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