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The beautifully worded legislation establishing Ireland’s civil legal aid scheme states that it is dedicated to ensuring that “persons of insufficient(...)

Flac wants the mortgage-to-rent scheme to be enhanced. Photograph: PA

Some of the more difficult cases of owner-occupier mortgage arrears in Ireland have not yet been dealt with by the country’s main banks, according to (...)

Although severe and sometimes intractable problems remain, the dust may finally be starting to settle on the personal debt crisis in Ireland. P(...)

I currently have a variable rate mortgage with Danske Bank on an investment property. Rates on these mortgages are rising to over 5 per cent in July. (...)

Insolvency Service of Ireland director Lorcan O’Connor: “If we don’t get the practitioner bit right the system won’t work.” Photograph: Eric Luke

Central to the Government’s plan to deal with the legacy of personal debt is the creation of a new brand of insolvency professional, due to be (...)