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Kyle Moore: “It’s a great feeling when you realise that you’re making a real impact on Government policy.” Photograph: Cyril Byrne

What/where did you study and when did you graduate? My undergraduate degree was a BA in social and political studies and economics from NUI Galway. I(...)

Inheritance tax: most of us are shockingly ignorant about how Ireland’s regime works. Photograph: María Fernández/Moment/Getty

It’s something that frustrates, enrages and outrages in equal measure: inheritance taxes on the family home. For many people, having paid down a mortg(...)

Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary is lobbying the Government on tax. Photograph: PA Wire

Ryanair is lobbying for a change in Irish tax laws to help it in tackling its industrial relations woes, reports Barry O’Halloran this morning. The sh(...)

Nigel Farage, one of Brexit’s main drivers, pictured on a campaign bus this week. Deloitte says Budget 2019 should be used to ‘Brexit-proof’ the economy. Photograph: Getty Images

The forthcoming budget should be used to ‘Brexit-proof’ the State, improve its competitiveness, and bolster support for SMEs and entrepreneurs, says a(...)


A consultancy report on planned changes within the Garda would “inevitably” cause industrial relations unrest if released in an “uncontrolled manner”,(...)

“Some of the change we are seeing is about lifestyle choice and work-life balance.” Photograph: iStock
Tapping into the new world of work

The way in which we work is undergoing a major reformation, and you only need to look in your pocket for evidence of it. With a few taps you can summo(...)

“Organisations have to think about their brand and how they are perceived. People are thinking if it is the type of organisation they want to work for.” Photograph: iStock

Talent shortages are already being felt across many sectors of the economy and are forcing employers to rethink their hiring strategies. “Organisation(...)

While millennials are routinely teased for everything from being considered lazy, overtly PC or allegedly being very fond of avocado toast, they have one major advantage in this new era of disruption – they grew up while all these advancements were happening. Photograph: iStock

While every generation sees big leaps forwards in terms of technology and shifting social attitudes, the changes seen in the past decade alone have be(...)

“It will be those who can think ahead and who can figure out what their customers will do next” that will thrive. Photograph: iStock

Ask most school-leavers what they want to do when they leave school and they’ll name a particular job or profession. Increasingly, however, workplace (...)

“We are seeing women come back to careers in their 50s, having reared their families. This is another untapped resource.” Photograph: iStock

The pension age is rising and it won’t be too long before people will have to wait until they are 68 before they can claim the State pension. Public-s(...)

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