Mourinho expects Chelsea return


Inter Milan boss Jose Mourinho expects to return to Chelsea as manager one day, because his departure from Stamford Bridge is the reason the club has “suffered so much” of late.

Guus Hiddink this week became the third coach to try his luck at Stamford Bridge in the post-Mourinho era following the sacking of Luiz Felipe Scolari, but is only expected to stay until the end of the season.

Many Blues fans want to see the ‘Special One’ in charge once again when the Dutchman steps aside.

And he said yesterday: “If you are asking me if you think one day I will return to Chelsea, I tell you ‘yes, I think so’, although I’m not saying when.

“We were so happy together. Chelsea fans have a different feeling for me. It’s a different emotion with them. I always wish them well because they are a special club for me and I have special friends there.

“I belong to their story and they belong to my story. I hope they get back to what they were because the club has changed.”

Mourinho believes the Blues are still suffering from the after effects of his departure.

He added: “Why have Chelsea suffered so much since I left? Because I left.

“They know what the good feeling of winning is, and when you have this you don’t ever want to have the bad taste of losing.

“What’s changed is Chelsea won six trophies when I was there, and now in the last one and a half years they’ve won zero.”

He also believes the club have become a victim of their own success.

“It seems to be different for Chelsea than other clubs. Chelsea have not won (a trophy) for one and a half years, Arsenal have not won the title for five years,” he said. “It looks like everything is good at Arsenal, but at Chelsea everything is in bits. Maybe Chelsea has a different, winning character.

“Some managers have a big excuse when they go to a big club. They say ‘I need a lot of time to do it’. If you say this, you get protection.

“If you don’t win the title in the first season, or second season, you can keep saying ‘I need time’. Sometimes you stay for four or five years, keep not winning, and then keep demanding more time.

“I could never be like this. I live for the risk. I believe you can do it in the first season, and if you do not, you fail. I prefer it like this. I prefer the pressure because that’s how I live.”