Guardiola says he may decide at end of season whether to sign new City contract

Manchester City are hoping to win 13th consecutive league match at Southampton

Pep Guardiola has said he may decide at the end of the season whether to sign a new contract at Manchester City, and will not "betray" the club whenever he leaves.

The manager is in his sixth year at the champions and has a deal to summer 2023. Guardiola, who was 51 on Tuesday and has previously coached Barcelona and Bayern Munich in a 14-year career, says he continues to feel energised by the job.

“I’m not good enough to think far away,” he said. “My future always depends on results. So, play Southampton [today], rest a little bit then [carry on] and at the end of the season we’ll see what happens.”

Guardiola offered insight into how his passion is retained. “Still we can play better, still some players can improve [and] I see things I don’t like. I won’t think about the future when I have still the contract I have.”

The manager was asked how long he could continue in elite-level management.

“I don’t know – I feel good and comfortable. When I’m not energetic and feel a little bit drained or tired, I’m pretty sure I will quit. But right nowI feel good. My decision [when to leave City] will be taken with the club. They gave me everything so I cannot betray them. Or do anything wrong to them. That would not be nice.

“Together we took decisions for me to come here and to extend the contract two times [until now] and it will be the same [in future] it depends how they feel about me, how I feel myself in the club.

“Now I never think for 24 hours a day what is going to happen far away. In football the end of the season is far away.”

Guardiola’s team are hoping to win a 13th consecutive league match at Southampton. He praised the set-piece delivery of Southampton’s captain James Ward-Prowse.

“He’s the best taker right now worldwide,” he said. “There isn’t better than Ward-Prowse. He’s so good at it that maybe you miss his quality as a player as well. He is a guy who adapts in midfield positions, a team player who has great quality with or without the ball. At free-kicks, corners he is exceptional.”

– Guardian