Daniel Agger admits Brendan Rodgers rift

Danish defender feels his input and contribution at Anfield was not appreciated

Daniel Agger has admitted differences of opinion between him and Brendan Rodgers led to his exit from Liverpool after eight years at the club.

Agger, who rejoined Brondby in August for €4m, suggested Rodgers did not appreciate his contribution last season and believes his direct approach impacted on his relationship with the manager.

“Let me put it this way: me and the manager were perhaps not on the same page for all of last season. For most of last season at least,” Agger told the Danish TV programme Onside. “There was some distance between us and for me that was enough. I didn’t feel that he appreciated the things I contributed. And when I feel that, then it is time to move on.

“Maybe where it went wrong between me and him is that I am very direct. I say things as they are, and also expect that people are (that way towards) to me. Maybe it’s wrong to expect that.”

Agger, however, added that Rodgers is an “incredibly talented man” and an “extremely competent coach”.