Corkagh Park plays host to the Peter O’Malley Invitational baseball tournament

Ireland to use event as preparation for next week’s B level European Championships in Vienna

If you build it they might come. Not exactly the field of dreams but baseball’s contribution to The Gathering takes place at Corkagh Park in Clondalkin this weekend. A four-team tournament, called the Peter O’Malley Invitational, sees Ireland face the Rota Blue Devils, representing the US Navy, at noon today.

Liverpool Trojans and Los Barbaros, a collection of international players, provide opposition to Ireland tomorrow, with the finals starting from 11am on Sunday.

Current owner of the San Diego Padres, O’Malley funded the construction of two side by side diamonds at Corcaigh Park in 1998. It is now the home of Irish baseball.

O'Malley's father, Walter, attained iconic status in American sport, having acted as the chief legal adviser for the Brooklyn Dodgers when they signed Jackie Robinson in 1947. O'Malley went on to become the Dodgers owner from 1950 until his death in 1979, famously moving them to Los Angeles in 1958. Peter succeeded his father as president in 1970, and as owner in 1979.


In 2012, O’Malley (75) headed the consortium that purchased the Padres for $800 million. The tournament is preparation for Ireland ahead of next week’s B level European Championships in Vienna .