2020 NFL draft to go ahead next month as scheduled

Roger Goodell believes draft can ‘serve a very positive purpose’ during coronavirus crisis

The NFL draft will go ahead as scheduled next month.

In a memo seen by nfl.com, commissioner Roger Goodell instructs teams to ensure their draft operations are conducted in a way that ensures the safety of staff during the coronavirus crisis.

The facilities at all 32 clubs have been shut since Tuesday.

Goodell wrote: “Everyone recognises that public health conditions are highly uncertain and there is no assurance that we can select a different date and be confident that conditions will be significantly more favourable than they are today.


“I also believe that the draft can serve a very positive purpose for our clubs, our fans, and the country at large, and many of you have agreed.

“Because of the unique circumstances in our country today, the 2020 draft will obviously need to be conducted in a different way.

“Already, we have cancelled all public events, we will not be bringing prospects and their families to the draft, and the draft itself will be conducted and televised in a way that reflects current conditions.”