Greg Norman insists Saudi-backed series is not an attack on PGA Tour

Former world number one is the CEO of the new 10-event series on the Asian Tour

Greg Norman was named last week as the CEO of LIV Golf Investments (LGI). Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Former world number one Greg Norman insists the launch of a new 10-tournament series on the Asian Tour is not a “direct attack” on the PGA Tour.

Norman was named last week as the CEO of LIV Golf Investments (LGI), a newly-formed company backed by the Private Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia.

A company press release said Norman’s appointment will “set in motion a number of momentous developments for professional golf worldwide” amid rumours that Norman also plans to lead a Saudi-funded breakaway league.

Asked if the plans were intended as revenge against the PGA Tour after it rejected his bid to establish a World Golf Tour in 1994, Norman told Australian Golf Digest: “No, it’s not that way at all.


“I can categorically say this is not a direct attack on the PGA Tour. It’s for the betterment of the game of golf, pure and simple.

“There’s been a lot of commentary about this being all about me getting even with the tour. This idea has been around for a long time.”

The “strategic alliance” signed between the PGA Tour and European Tour in November 2020 was widely seen as a response to the threat posed by potential breakaway leagues, with the PGA Tour later instituting a $40million Player Impact Programme to reward its most popular stars.

The PGA Tour are also reported to be considering a series of autumn events with big prize money, no cuts and appearance money based on FedEx Cup standings.

“Isn’t that their fiduciary responsibility, to be doing that every year?” Norman added. “Shouldn’t that be the precedent they set, rather than being reactionary to somebody else’s proposal?

“If that story is indeed true then it’s great news that the PGA Tour is doing that, truly it is. It tells you that maybe, just maybe, this whole LIV Golf Investments project is the competitor that’s strong enough to show the world that there are two avenues you can take [in professional golf].

“Who knows, maybe there are three avenues or even four? I don’t care. All I know is, if you have a good, solid business plan and you can present it and execute it in the best interests of the game... hallelujah!”