Dublin confirm that they will not be requesting a replay

Cork won Sunday’s All-Ireland Ladies senior football final amid HawkEye controversy

Dublin LGFA have released a statement confirming that they will not be appealing Sunday’s All-Ireland Ladies senior football final defeat to Cork.

Carla Rowe’s 22nd minute point was disallowed - and with HawkEye unavailable to the women’s game, the error went unrectified. Cork would win the game by a point.

Albeit leading by four, before conceding a penalty in the last play of the game.

Prior to the championship the LGFA had voted not to splash out on HawkEye - with both the cost at hand a factor, and that it would not be available outside of Croke Park may result in a less-than-level playing field.

Following the defeat Dublin manager Gregory McGonigle had initially said that his team would be pushing for a replay - but the county board now say that they will instead focus on working with the LFGA to prevent such a costly error from repeating itself.

On Monday morning however Cork manager Ephie Fitzgerald had explained that he had already been told by the LFGA that there would "absolutely not" be a replay of the game.

For Cork it meant six in a row, 11 titles in 12 years. An incredible feat, and one Dublin LGFA were keen to congratulate them on in their statement:

“Dublin Players, Management and Executive congratulate Cork on winning the 2016 Senior All-Ireland final.

“We wish it to be noted that we are very disappointed that the score error could not be rectified on the field of play and we will focus our efforts to require that LGFA put processes in place so that no other team is subjected to such a situation.

“Dublin LGFA will be making no further comment on this issue.”