Ciarán Murphy: There seems to be no mental separation between players, mentors and supporters

Latest example of club GAA violence proves spectators should stay on the sidelines

Sometimes, in the depths of an Irish winter, hibernation can look like a pretty tempting prospect. If I were of a mind, I would ignore the drop in temperature, pay no heed to the leaves turning from green to brown, and instead just look out for GAA county boards making po-faced statements about how they will investigate fully ‘the unacceptable scenes of violence seen last weekend’, before I’d start preparing my lair and fattening myself for my lengthy sleep.

One tweet with video of the incident had over 900,000 views alone, and given those images’ ubiquity in GAA WhatsApp groups around the country it seems unnecessary to lay out the details again, but an unseemly row broke out at the end of an under-15 football final between Carnew and Kilcoole in Wicklow last week. Within hours the Wicklow county board were releasing a statement promising prompt action and swift justice.

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