Ready to travel? The real adventures begin after 50

Whether travelling solo or in a group, enjoy a hassle-free, guided trip to incredible destinations with Travel Department

Guided trips, whether solo or in a group, offer an experience that is so much more enjoyable as every element of the trip is organised in advance

Guided trips, whether solo or in a group, offer an experience that is so much more enjoyable as every element of the trip is organised in advance


The extra time, income and drive to enjoy life that comes from the age of 50 is a pleasant surprise for many. It’s a much more positive time of life than we anticipate and often a desire to travel is centre-stage in our lives again.

But the type of travel and destination has often changed: high standards, exciting destinations and stress-free planning are paramount and it’s for this reason that Travel Department, with its worldwide travel choices, has become so popular.

Guided trips, whether you’re travelling solo or in a group to anywhere in the world, offer an experience that is so much more enjoyable as every element of the trip is organised in advance.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s the experience of some of Travel Department’s customers:



The Great Wall of China: 'It was the best holiday ever'

“My first trip with Travel Department was to China, travelling solo. I was absolutely terrified of going on my own but I have to say it was the best holiday ever.

“Then I booked Vietnam last year and I’m off to Transylvania this year. These trips let me just be me. Nobody’s mother, sister or wife, I was just going to be me. I never had to worry about where we were going and I knew exactly what we were doing. It was scary, but nice scary.

“The tour guide met me on the other side (in China) and all the people on the trip were solo travellers too. I’m 57 this year. I’m trying to do as much as I can while I can.

“My trip to Vietnam was even better than China. I found the history of Vietnam really intriguing, we learned so much. I have made friends on the trips and still keep in touch with some of them. I would advise anyone to do it, even alone. I think the security of having everything taken care of is why I keep going back to Travel Department.

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“We are both retired and have two grown-up boys who have both moved out. We have definitely moved into a different phase of travel since. The first Travel Department holiday we did was Egypt and we were with a group of about 25 and we had such a laugh. They were wonderful, like-minded people.

“Mick would be the adventurous one but I’d be the one who would say ‘How big are the bugs there?’ but as you get older you think, ’Oh for God’s sake, grow up.’

“At this stage, we are nearly 40 years married so we are used to each other. I never would have dreamt that I would go to Vietnam, let alone India in a couple of weeks. When you tell people they say ‘Oh, you’re so brave,’ and we say ‘No, the Travel Department do everything.’ They take the hassle and worry out of long-haul holidays.

“Recently India was suggested and I immediately thought ‘I don’t think so.’ But then we got home and started talking about it and the fact that you feel so safe (about booking it) so now we are setting off.”

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The Golden Gate Bridge, California: 'We have made fabulous friends over the years'

The first time I went with Travel Department was with my husband and we went to Alaska and then to California. It went so well that I then went with a group of friends to China and now myself and my sisters-in-law are going to India.

Going to places like this with Travel Department is brilliant because you have the guide bringing you to the best hotels and restaurants. I am in my late sixties now so all of these things really take the strain out of travelling, it’s absolutely brilliant. We have made fabulous friends over the years.

For the trip to India, three of us live in Dublin but one of us is in London and Travel Department organised her flights from London and a car from the airport, they are great like that. I have travelled for many years with them and I have never been disappointed.”

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Travel Department offers fully guided trips to over 100 destinations worldwide. Their holidays include flights, transfers, hand-picked accommodation and tours with local guides.

In addition, a trip with Travel Department ensures:

A hassle-free experience
Everything is organised for you.

Tried and tested destinations
With over 20 years of experience, their travel experts and local guides are intimately familiar with the destinations, ensuring you get the best experience possible.

The benefits of a local guide
A guide is with you for the entire duration of your holiday to ensure that you get all the insider information and tips about your destination, and to help with any questions or issues that may arise.

For more, see traveldepartment.ie or call 01 637 1650