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Bosch fridge freezers have some of the coolest technology around. Here’s why

The technology inside a Bosch fridge is some of the most advanced in the world and its all designed to save energy, time and money

Frost free

You don’t have to know how Wi-Fi works to appreciate its presence. It’s the same for frost-free fridge technology. Just rest assured that your fridge undertakes constant mini defrosts, so that you don’t have to brace yourself for a mega one.  You’ll find frost-free options across most of the Bosch fridge freezer range. Just plug it in and forget about it.

On-door displays

Most of Bosch’s Series 6 and half its Series 4 range come with an external display on the door, letting you know at a glance what temperature it’s at.  High-tech sensors inside are constantly measuring the ambient temperature outside, and adjusting thermostats accordingly, to ensure every part of your fridge is at the optimum temperature. External displays don’t just look good – though of course they do - they enhance energy efficiency too because you don’t have to open the doors to check.

Energy efficiency

Choosing an A-rated appliance means you can rest assured about energy efficiency. Top of the range Bosch appliances run to A+++, the highest energy rating available.  You can help optimise energy efficiency too, simply by hitting the super-boost button inside (or on the exterior display, see above) to let your fridge freezer know you’re about to visit the supermarket and will be bringing back food from the car boot that needs chilling, fast.

Optimised freshness

Bosch’s VitaFresh drawer system uses sensors to ensure fresh food stays fresher for longer, with different compartments set individually at exactly the right temperature and humidity. It allows meat and poultry to be kept super cool and dry, while fruit and veg can be stored in a specially designed moist zone, where settings can be adjusted to preserve freshness.


It works a treat and of course the fresher the food, the tastier the meal – with less food waste too. Because your meat lasts longer with VitaFresh, you’re less likely to need to put it in the freezer. It means less pondering whether you need to take meat out of the freezer to defrost for tomorrow’s dinner – always a plus.

The technical solutions Bosch employs ensure a high level of protection against fire incidents


Few of us think of looking under the hood when we buy our cars, let alone our fridge freezers, so it’s important to buy a brand you can trust. Bosch fridge freezers exceed current safety standards. All its refrigeration appliances are built using flame retardant back panels, either laminated or metal. The technical solutions it uses ensure a high level of protection against fire incidents too, both inside the appliance as well as from external ignition. That’s really important considering it’s likely the only household appliance we expect to remain permanently turned on.

Smart technology

The Internet of Things is all about smart, connected devices. If you thought jokes about our fridges ordering our food was the stuff of science fiction, think again. It’s already happening in a kitchen near you. Well, if you live in Germany that is. Pilot studies are already well underway there between Bosch and Amazon Prime.

In the meantime you can enjoy a Bosch WiFi-enabled fridge in the comfort of your own home. Some have cameras that automatically take a picture each time the fridge door closes, and sends it to your phone. It allows you see exactly what you need to pick up on your way home. And no, your phone doesn’t end up overloaded with pictures of fridge selfies. The latest snap simply replaces the last one, so you always have an up-to-date picture.

Super smart technology

If you’re one of the growing number of people building super energy efficient homes, such as ‘passive homes’, you might like to think about upgrading all your appliances in one go.

It’s not as much of an extravagance as it seems if it saves you money in the long run. Bosch customers already use its Home Connect system to control appliances and, as soon as they see their solar panels or heat recovery systems are working at maximum capacity, use the app to turn on the dishwasher or washing machine, saving them money.

They can also use Home Connect to optimise their fridge freezer, turning on vacation mode when they are going away, and having it swing back into action at the touch of a screen when they return.

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to technology. Bosch offers top-spec fridge freezer technology in smaller sizes too, perfect for urban living or downsizer apartments.

As there’s no end to the smart home innovations on the way, it’s nice to know you’ve chosen an appliance with the capacity to benefit from them. After all, at the very least a fridge that does the shopping is going to give you more time to chill. Who’s the smart one now?

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