Is there a way to protect our ducts from these tear-inducing molecules?

Now We Know: Answering the foodie questions you didn’t even know you had

Eating a spoonful of granulated sugar was found to be effective in curing hiccups in 19 out of 20 patients. Photograph: iStock

Now we know: Answering the foodie questions you did not know you had

Margaret Farrelly: “Brown eggs are laid by our beautiful brown hens, and white eggs are laid by our white hens, who have lovely red heads and yellow earlobes”

Now We Know: Answering the foodie questions you didn’t even know you had

Homemade corned beef and cabbage: as Irish as Irish can be? Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Should we be eating corned beef and cabbage on St Patrick’s Day?

Cutlery etiquette: two ways about it

Now we know: Answering the foodie questions you didn’t know you had

 The new James Joyce room in Bewley’s Cafe, Grafton Street, Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times

The hiding places in the nooks, crannies, and cozy fireside tables of the first floor of the café are fit for purpose once again

The Baths at Clontarf: the historic sea baths are open for business €2.4m refurbishment

The Dublin baths had their first dinner service on Tuesday after a €2.4m refurb

Before Margaret Knight’s invention, people carried their shopping around in what was essentially large envelopes, or in cones of paper wrapped around grocery items

Now we Know: The next time you use a paper bag with a folded square base, thank Margaret Knight

Philip Dennhardt: ‘Every Italian I talk to is very against it. The Italians feel like they own the pizza – it’s theirs.’ Photograph: Getty

Now we know: Answering the foodie questions you didn’t know you had

What’s to stop us from making pig’s cheese?

Now we know: Answering the foodie questions you didn’t even know you had

Oysters’ association with love goes back to the days of Casanova and The Roman Empire. Photograph: iStock

Now we know: Answering the foodie questions you didn’t even know you had

Tasty: low pressure in aircraft reduces the sensitivity of taste buds to sweet and salty foods by 30 per cent. Photograph: iStock

Why do we eat on airplanes? It’s certainly not because food tastes better at 30,000ft

‘Niall had this gorgeous glass of wine, and I took a sniff of it. The sensation I got was as if I was standing on the edge of a cliff and I was going to fall over'

Aoife McElwain: Giving up drink was ‘the most important life change I’ve made’

Jelly beans: coated in bug poop? Photograph: iStock

Now we know: Answering the foodie questions you didn’t even know you had

Tayto’s and cheese and onion crisps go back a long way. Photograph: iStock

Now we know: Answering the foodie questions you didn't even know you had

Cloves, or specifically clove oil, has a local anaesthetic effect. Photograph: iStock

Now we know: Answering the foodie questions you didn’t even know you had

As well as my love of a healthy home-cooked hotpot, I also harbour  positive associations with Coco Pops and Happy Meals. Photograph: Getty Images

Now we know: Answering the foodie questions you didn’t even know you had

The idea of a cult of busyness and boasting about how busy we are isn’t new. Photograph: Paul Bradbury/Caiaimage/Getty

No one wants to be the hamster running round and round in circles

Now We Know: Answering the foodie questions you didn’t even know you had

So how do you know if  Camembert is ripe? Photograph: Getty

Answering the foodie questions you didn’t even know you had

Alanis Morissette returns. Photograph:  Mark Davis/Getty Images

Alanis inspired my 14-year-old self, and then again my adult self to create Sing Along Social

It’s not just blackened steaks and singed marshmallows that we’re talking about here; the list of foods whose flavours rely on the Maillard Reaction is long and lovely.

Now we know: Answering the foodie questions you didn’t even know you had

Some types of honey are more resistant to crystallisation because they have low glucose. Photograph: Getty

It’s all to do with the volume of glucose in the honey, a beekeeper reveals

 Valerie Donovan with her son Matthew (left) and Caroline Kinsella with son Sam McLeod (11 months) at the Julianstown Autism Support Group in  Meath. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Researchers find much evidence of the benefits of donating time – so what real difference does it make?

If the Japanese invented MSG and use it in their cooking, why do Chinese restaurants get all the blame for it? Photograph: iStock

Now we know: Answering the foodie questions you didn’t even know you had

Kefir contains living microorganisms that can survive in the digestive tract, aiding digestion, bolstering the immune system and helping absorb large amounts of nutrients from food. Photograph: Getty Images

Now We Know: A weekly column answering the food questions you didn’t even know you had

Buffalo wings. The recipe originated in Buffalo, New York. Photograph: Getty Images

Now We Know: The weekly column that answers the foodie questions you didn’t know you had

Coddle: what this Dublin stew of watery boiled sausages lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for with a heavy peppering of nostalgia.

Aoife McElwain answers questions about food you didn’t even know you had. This week, we look at the Dublin stew

Barmbrack: whoever got the ring would marry, whoever got the cloth would be a nun and whoever got the stick would never marry.

This very Irish Halloween tradition decided your fate, depending on what you found inside

The British Cheese Board argued that the high levels of tryptophan in cheese, an amino acid involved in our sleep cycle, meant that cheese actually helped us to fall asleep. Photograph: Getty Images

People have unique biologies and our dreams may be how our bodies react to particular foods

Tigh Neachtain is on the corner of Cross Street and Quay Street in Galway

Meal Ticket: head chef Sarah Croffey creates comforting pub food with her own stamp

The Pot Bellied Pig in Rathmines

This Dublin cafe is in the (millennial) pink

Festival favourite: the Home Fries van serves crispy fried spuds with toppings from a classic patatas bravas to chipotle sauce to the classic chipper curry sauce

From crispy spuds and delicious pizza to luxury ice-cream, here is a food guide for your next special occasion

The Love Olympics. Photograph:  Ruth Medjber

Whether it’s a DJ, band, circus troupe, murder mystery night or blindfolded backward races, you need the right crew to make your p(...)

Delisuz is a haven for tray-bake enthusiasts

Just around the corner from the hospital is a spot that could cheer up any tough day

Get your party hat on and join a massive street party in Limerick. Photograph: Sean Curtin True Media.

There are lots of food-related events around the country for Culture Night. We’ve rounded up some of the best

Healthy choice at Eathos on Baggor Street, Dublin

I have done extensive personal research in the area of delivery food even at lunchtime (yes, notions)

Baobab Café on Main Street, Celbridge

Meal Ticket: Baobab Café and Coffee Roasters

Ulysses: the huge ferry sails between Dublin and Holyhead, in north Wales

You might want to bring a picnic rather than use the cafe on the Irish Ferries flagship

Ralph Rolle (drummer with the group Chic) doing a cooking demonstration on stage in The Theatre of Food in 2006. Photograph: Ruth Medjber

Food plays a large part of the festival’s line-up, with a new addition this year

The Tavern, Murrisk, Co Mayo: watch out for the next time you’re on the road to Westport that skirts around Clew Bay. Photograph:  David Ruffles

The Tavern Bar and Restaurant is a treat at the foot of Croagh Patrick

The BBQ at Inishturk with Myles Lamberth of Shells Cafe in Sligo. Photograph: Allen Kiely

The Inishturk Island, Turkfest method

Shaka Poké Dublin’s take on the Hawaiian staple is tasty and healthy - just right for now

Happy Out café: Bull Island Dublin – sandwiches by the sea

Owner Aoife O’Neill is conscious of creating a menu that suits both locals and visitors

The Creel, Westport: Medical scientist turned restaurateur saw potential on the Quay

Great ingredients and unexpected specialities: The Misunderstood Heron, Leenaun, Co Galway

The Misunderstood Heron: a food truck in the most spectacular of settings

The Black Sheep Cafe  at the Garrison Church,  the former Kickham Barracks in Clonmel. Photograph:  Bríd O’Donovan 

Glut, by Ciarán Meade and Wayne Dunlea, is a Cork-based food project aimed at bringing people together over exceptional local prod(...)

Green Beards in Ranelagh: The benefits of cold-pressed are written in chalk on the walls of this café meets juicery

Green Beards salad and juice company specialises in cold-pressing

The interior of Lennon’s Café@Visual Centre for Contemporary Art, Old Dublin Rd, Carlow town

It's not the norm to find good food in a museum or gallery, but Lennon’s Café@Visual is different

Founder of GIY, Michael Kelly: a garlic moment led to Kelly founding GIY Ireland, an acronym for grow it yourself

Michael Kelly and his team have been on a mission to educate people about the benefits of growing your own

Science Gallery Café, Dublin

Light-filled oasis of good food, cool service and Cloud Picker coffee on Pearse St

Michael Onalimi  with is Flavour Safari spicy pasta sauces, which he makes in Co Laois

The food festival returns to the capital from Thursday until Sunday. We’ve tried the menu to bring you the tastiest treats

The Organic Supermarket in Rathgar holds true to a commitment to sourcing and selling excellent organic goods and local organics where possible.

Darren Grant’s south Dublin shop stocked with best local goods offers cheap organic options

Jonny and  Emma Barr of East Village Coffee in Clondalkin, Dublin

Jonny Barr’s dream of owning his own cafe has taken him all the way home

Head chef Troy Watson and sous chef Dan McHugh at Roberta’s restaurant in East Essex Street, Dublin. Photograph: Dave Meehan

Roberta's - run by the Press Up Entertainment Group, which owns the Dean Hotel - opens next week, with a large food hall, casual e(...)

Container Coffee on the edge of the Digital Hub: a bright blue beacon of ingenuity.

Container Coffee Dublin serves up great coffee in Thomas Street

Cass & Co:   their deli menu highlights the best of local.

The former pub retains its coziness but is now full of treats for food lovers

Tigh Chadhain: ‘It’s like hidden Ireland here, and every year it’s being discovered more and more’

Friendly, authentic pub offers a special pit-stop on the Wild Atlantic Way

Taste of Dublin returns to the Iveagh Gardens in Dublin from June 15th to 18th. Pictured at the launch of the festival are Kevin Dundon, owner of Dunbrody House, Aoife Noonan, executive pastry chef at Luna and Sunil Ghai, head chef at Pickle.

Growing multinational community and returned emigrants have expanded Irish tastes

Opened in January, the Galway City venue has no ambitions to be a restaurant, it just wants “to do a few simple things really well(...)

Relaxed coffee culture: Ariosa Coffee,  Saint Laurence Street, Drogheda, Co Louth

After 15 years of coffee stalls and selling wholesale, the Ariosa brand has made its first foray into retail with a new café in Lo(...)

L’Art Du Chocolat’s barista draws great flavour from a Colombian bean with strong caramel and nutty tones

The people behind L’Art Du Chocolate, Main Street, Maynooth, Co Kildare want to educate you about good chocolate

Not all great coffee shops have great food, but Five Points are pushing the boat out with clever flavours, pickled vegetables and (...)

From fish-finger sandwiches to fine dining, we recommend the restaurants and cafes serving the best food in the country

Barry and Paul McNerney

Barry and Paul McNerney’s foodie empire in Dublin 4 grows

It’s the location and the people: Pigeon House in Delgany

The food is certainly worth travelling for, but it’s not the most memorable part of our visit

People tumble downhill as they take part in the annual cheese rolling event at Coopers Hill last year in Gloucestershire, England

Did you know that corn flakes were invented by a doctor who thought they could cure his patients of all ills and evils? Read on

A seaming hot toastie from the Market Kitchen at Temple Bar, Dublin

Pop-up cafe highlights incredible diversity of produce on offer at venerable Dublin market

Ali Honour: “My grandfather had his own butchery and pub in Oxford, so I learned early on about the importance of respecting locally sourced ingredients.”

The wonderful, locally sourced food is the result of love and Honour – owner Ali Honour

Sandor Katz, author of “The Art of Fermentation”: “My interest in fermentation grew out of my overlapping interests in cooking, nutrition and gardening.” Photograph: Angel Franco/The New York Times

The Fumbally Stables is the latest place where people can learn about the ancient art

This petite coffee shop draws you in with its carefully curated interior, all cool tones that are soothingly calm on tired eyes

The self-published cookbook has never fallen out of favour

Elijah Quashie aka the Chicken Connoisseur

There is a rich bounty of food videos just one click away

Profiles of a certain bean: Granthams, Aungier St, Dublin

Scratch the surface at a good coffee shop and you’ll find there is so much more to caffeine than a flat white to go

Wa Cafe, 13 New Dock St, Galway Telephone: (091) 895 850

Yoshimi Hayakawa came to Ireland to learn English - and then she brought sushi to Galway

Chef Yotam Ottolenghi, whose new book Sweet will be released this year. Photograph: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Here are our favourite recipe-filled tomes of the year gone by, and the ones we're most looking forward to in 2017

Maria Canabal of Parabere Forum:  will be at the Athrú Conference this summer

Environmental sustainability, clearer labelling, a rethink on meat-eating, a less macho kitchen culture: the same issues are becom(...)

Cafe Bácús on Green Street in Dingle, Co Kerry

Orla Gowen works all night to make crusty loaves, sourdough bread and sweet treats

 Restaurant critic AA Gill, who died aged 62 on December 10th, 2016. Photograph: Mike Marsland/WireImage

This year we said goodbye to brilliant food and writer AA Gill, but 2016 wasn’t all bad

When La Cucina Centro opened on Henry Street in Limerick City in November 2016, there were queues out the door for the first coupl(...)

Some may dismiss hanger as an internet joke, but there appears to be real science at play

If you’re stuck on inspiration for artisanally crafted and thoughtfully sourced gifts for the food lover in your life, this round-(...)

Bean in Dingle: a success from the day it opened

When Bean in Dingle opened in June 2015, it was so slammed from the get go that it ran out of coffee on the first Saturday

Mimi Pierson and one of the Crawford’s Farm herd of cows, near Cloughjordan, Co Tipperary, at a Lens & Larder photography workshop. Photograph: Aoife McElwain

Get up from the computer or couch and spend time learning skills that can help to give you some balance

On a lane off Camden St in Dublin sits The Fat Fox, a sweet little takeaway-only spot, open from Monday to Friday

During an experiment where a flavourless dye was used to turn white wine red, participants reported tasting flavours associated wi(...)

Ellie Kisyombe, founder of Our Table,  with actor Stephen Rea  at the opening of the pop-up cafe  at the Project Arts Centre, Dublin. Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

The aim of pop-up cafe Our Table is to highlight the conditions of asylum seekers and refugees living under Direct Provision in Ir(...)

Hot chocolate: “greatly recommended by several eminent Physicians for its lightness on the stomach and its great use in all consumptive cases”.

A comforting, warming cup of molten cocoa is just what the duvet ordered

Slow Food Ireland envisions a world in which all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who grow i(...)

Pop goes the breakfast cereal ... but some are not amused

Food Month Food Court: Aoife McElwain finds comfort in an occasional bowl, but Gerard Maguire thinks all sugary cereals should be (...)

The Firehouse Bakery has become synonymous with real bread in Ireland

When Victor Feguer was sentenced to death, his last meal was a single olive, pit included

You are what you eat, and political pundits have studied the culinary choices of the two presidential candidates carefully

At Dough Bros, they’ve nailed the foundation on which their pizzas sit

 This is not a turnip: the jack-o’-lantern

From the Samhain sunrise and apple-bobbing, to barmbrack and the sugary treats of today

Chef Olga Tkacova leads the kitchen team in making their own soda bread, brownies and lemon drizzle cakes, which line the cake bar

How can one person or company own the recipe for bread, when we’re talking about bread, flour, water and yeast?

Clontarf is surely one of the most well-fed suburbs in Dublin

From the forbidden fruit to being the first word most English speakers learn to say from the alphabet, apples are definitively ubi(...)

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