Workers and pay


Sir, – Pay inequality has created deep resentment in Irish schools for the last seven years. It is little wonder there is a teacher shortage as thousands of teachers seek the fairly paid employment abroad they cannot find here, leaving more and more pupils without qualified teachers.

This month, Dáil Éireann will receive a report outlining a plan to deal with pay inequality. A Government that values teachers must implement that plan. A Government that is serious about building the best education system in Europe by 2026 must at least ensure that every child is taught by a fully qualified teacher.

The Government, teachers and pupils cannot afford pay inequality any longer.– Yours, etc,



Irish National

Teachers’ Organisation,

35 Parnell Square,

Dublin 1.

Sir, – Restaurants in Ireland may not need to look far to find the staff they need (“Irish restaurants trawl Europe for chefs to fill 8,000 vacancies”, March 6th).

In Britain, the restaurant trade is shrinking as the Brexit referendum hammered sterling, driving up the cost of imported ingredients and cutting margins in an already saturated industry. Jamie’s Italian and Prezzo have recently announced widespread closures, stung by falling consumer confidence and rising costs, including the minimum wage.

Many EU citizens in Britain report a negative vibe since the referendum, and the chefs among them will surely prefer an Irish welcome. – Yours, etc,




Sir, – There isn’t a shortage of chefs, nurses and teachers, but there is a shortage of chefs, teachers and nurses who will accept derisory pay. – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.