Taoiseach’s trip to Wexford


Sir, – The objections raised by Brendan Howlin, a Wexford TD, that the Taoiseach didn’t inform him of his visit to Wexford, and didn’t invite him to accompany him on his local visits, raise some interesting questions about how politicians see themselves (“Varadkar not concerned about ‘upsetting TDs’ egos’ on Wexford trip”, March 7th). It appears that the Taoiseach, the chief executive of the State, needs the imprimatur of local politicians when he enters their bailiwick, and needs to be accompanied and monitored by those same politicians while he is in their realm.

I find this attitude to be quite incompatible with our modern democratic society. The core issue is that many TDs have been in office too long and have developed a sense of ownership of their constituency.

Perhaps the solution is to limit TDs to two terms of office. A time limit would ensure a regular turnover of new people in politics, would give an opportunity to younger people to get elected, and would prevent the sense of entitlement that develops in the minds of long-serving TDs. – Yours, etc,


Castletownbere, Co Cork.