Words of compassion


Sir, – Rosita Boland’s column “The lost dog was going to be struck and killed by a car” (August 28th) touched my heart.

Several years ago while we were on holiday, our beloved dog Nemo slipped away from the garden of our friend, his long-time carer. A huge search too place, but by the time we returned home, he had been found by a concrete barrier on a busy dual-carriageway. It was more than a year before I could drive on that road again. I still carry his photo in my purse.

This article reminded me that many kind people, as in Rosita Boland’s situation, must have struggled when seeing him, knowing they couldn’t safely stop. Her difficult decision not to stop was the proper one.

I thank her for her words of compassion that mean so much. – Yours, etc,



Co Kerry.