Will cyclists get the message?

Sir, – A couple of days ago my husband and I were driving home along the coast road towards Westport when we saw a cyclist in front of us. We hung back until the road was clear to overtake him.

We gave him a wide berth and as we passed, noticed he was on his phone, one hand on the handlebars the other clutching his phone, eyes down looking at his phone whilst he messaged. We could not quite believe it.

Just wondered, whose fault would it have been if by some unlucky chance the cyclist had wobbled more than he already was and we had clipped him? Luckily there were no pedestrians attempting to cross the road as they would not have had a chance.

Come on cyclists, take some responsibility for your actions. I am weary with the blame always being laid at the motorists’ door for bad behaviour on the roads.


In my opinion this cyclist’s behaviour was sheer stupidity and could well have endangered his life as well as other road users. – Yours, etc,



Co Mayo.