‘We value your call’


Sir, – Once upon a time, one lifted the telephone, dialled a number, spoke to a person on the other end in about 20 seconds, asked a question, and got an answer or whatever was needed in a short space of time. I have endeavoured to speak to somebody in Ulster Bank for the last three days. I dial the local number and, after the ubiquitous “Press one, press two”, get to speak to somebody – in Belfast, who tells me that the person to whom I wish to speak, about six miles from my home, is busy! I have spent almost an hour this week on this futile quest. With 21st-century telecommunications, technological marvels, and the discovery of water on Mars, it is impossible to make a telephone call without a rise in blood pressure, and a waste of precious time and money. Progress? What a laugh! – Yours, etc,


Portrane, Co Dublin.